Characteristics of Co-Creative Relationships




Each person allows the other to be new each day.

Communicating about problems comes from the intention of clearing it up and moving on (as opposed to dramatizing, making wrong, being right or getting high off putting the other down).

Each partner recognizes that he/she is totally autonomous, and there is a commitment to the relationship.

Each person is willing to take 100% responsibility for what comes up (no blame).

There is an emphasis on healing rather than protecting.

No one is punished for telling the truth.

Both persons feel directly connected to their higher consciousness/God, as well as to each other.

Telepathy increases. It makes less and less difference whether partners are together or apart-they still feel connected.

Creativity is enhanced in both people.

Each person is willing and able to give love and to receive it.

Jealousy is not an ongoing issue. If it comes up, it is addressed and resolved.

The truth is more highly valued than lies and deception.

Both people ask for what they want.

Trust and safety within the relationship creates a newness with regard to physical and emotional intimacy.

Each person is the source of their own value and approval.

Each partner takes 100% responsibility for self and supports their partner in being 100% responsible for him/herself.

Both partners enjoy times apart and times of closeness.

There is inspiring, ongoing fun most of the time.