How do I know if I have PTSD?

(Posttraumatic Stress Disorder)

PTSD symptoms include many of the following: Trouble sleeping Posttraumatic Stress Syndrome – Therapy(getting to sleep and/or staying asleep), nightmares, flashbacks, anxiety, panic attacks, depression, unexplained physical pain, addictive behaviors (i.e., alcoholism, drug addiction, over-eating or under-eating, smoking cigarettes, gambling, sexual addiction) and more.

Addictive behaviors are emotionally based. All addictions are about mood altering, which means attempting to change from one emotional state to another, because of not knowing how to be with or process through certain feelings, such as fear, boredom, sadness, guilt, anger, or loneliness. These types of feelings are related to traumatic or embarrassing moments from the past and need to be cleared in order to heal addictive behavior.

The length and severity of traumas have everything to do with the number and severity of addictions.