What is Integrative Breathwork?

Integrative Breathwork or what used to be called Rebirthing.

It is a process that involves breathing in a way that increases energy in the body and makes awareness of suppressed feelings easier to access. Once these feelings surface, the goal is to then surrender and release unwanted physical and emotional pain through the learned skill of acceptance. My job as Integrative Breathwork coach is to teach clients how to breath, relax, have focused awareness of feelings from moment to moment and to relate to their experience in a positive and honest way, so as to maximize a pleasurable healing experience.

The fundamentals of the process called Integrative Breathwork originate from a process that used to be called Rebirthing.

Once this technique is learned, it can be used without a coach, thereby giving clients a tool they can use to integrate daily stress and pain.

I’ve coached and been witness to hundreds of people using Integrative Breathwork in order to release physical and emotional pain that was related to past traumatic experiences, including physical and sexual abuse, car accidents, parental shaming, death of a loved one, birth trauma, and more.